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Ружья. AB Biller LTD Padauk Speargun
AB Biller LTD Padauk Speargun
Производитель: AB Biller
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The A.B. Biller LTD is handcrafted from selected padauk wood; its trigger mechanism and safety are fitted directly into the gun barrel. It is extremely difficult to obtain large quantities of truly straight barrels in these precious woods; therefore, this speargun is a limited edition. The A.B Biller LTD is available in 4 sizes African Padauk is characterized by a swirling, interlocking grain. It is almost entirely red in color and is easily one of the most beautiful woods of the world. The A.B. Biller Padauk spearguns are hand made and hand-rubbed with boiled linseed oil.

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