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Компенсаторы плавучести BCD. Aeris Caribe BC
Aeris Caribe BC
Производитель: Aeris
Бюджетный компенсатор для теплой воды
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Fadeless 1000 Denier Cordura
Construction Exterior abrasion points of the Caribe are covered in our new "Fadeless" 1000-denier Cordura¦ - tough stuff that will hold up to years of extreme diving and keep that "new look" longer.

Reliant Integrated Inflator Ergonomically designed to be functional and easy to use in any dive position, the A3 Integrated Inflator provides a full range of airway exhaust/inflation control. Simply press a button to produce precise flow for trimming dive attitude or maximum flow for major changes in buoyancy. A large exhaust valve creates a flow rate higher than the inflation rate of the power inflator, improving diver control during ascents.

Adjustable Cummerbund AERIS' cummerbund offers up to 8" of adjustment to fit a wide range of sizes. For additional customization, the cummerbund may be easily changed with another size.

Padded Backpack Extra heavy duty padding provides comfort both above and below the surface without having to sacrifice the stability of a hard backpack.

2 Large Main Pockets Optional Air XS 2 Alternate Inflator

Optional Air XS 2 Alternate Inflator The Air Link combines the reliability, performance and durability of an OCTOPUS with the A3 Integrated Inflator into one very low profile, streamlined package. The regulator/inflator combination is as small as many BC inflators alone, with breathing performance superior to many stand-alone octopus regulators.
The Air Link may be easily added to any existing AERIS BC

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